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  My history in the UPJC
  (a blog supplemental)
Apr 25, 2001. As indicated in the 6.0.1 journal

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Wed Apr 25, 2001  6:07 am
Subject:  We Do Not Die.

my notes:
Initial post @ the jc bbs
List looks bleak, but hope remains that I may actually get in touch with someone who can help in my research.
The roster lists 7 members and the message archive is thinner than 20 hits. Group was founded Nov 9, 2000.

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Wed Apr 25, 2001  6:30 am
Subject:  additional honorary

A list of our old barkada from those tumultuous years in LB that I've asked the UPJC sitemaster to consider 
as additional honorary members in his next update includes Toto, Pey Tomas and his bro Jo, Aura, Cathy, 
Joks and Donna. The way we were all living in that townhouse back then we might as well have had our 
own org.  At any given time there would be around ten people in a two bedroom situation. This was way 
before raves or anything. It was just one big long party that inevitably spun out of control. 

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Date:  Wed Apr 25, 2001  9:33 pm
Subject:  We Do Not Die.

UPJC sitemaster Paul Michael Laborte (pinboxx) replies to my initial post. 
I follow the his .sig link to his current site project

note: 404 as of June 17 @ 3:13AM. Paul might be in the middle of an upload.


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Date:  Thu Apr 26, 2001  1:08 am
Subject:  Re: [upjammersclub] First Batch!

short: I've been attempting to get in touch with my generation of UPJC (and other UP barkada) 
since last year and the results are a mixed bag. Some people who I'm pretty sure would be visible 
have been otherwise. I didn't think that being so far away would bring difficulty, but I shall prove relentless.

I asked about a long of things: about officers, resident members, alumni. I asked him about Arnel Amongo. 

"Any word on Arnel Amongo news sweep? This guy was the most fantastic slow-hand/Metallica freak guitar wiz that anyone had seen in our time at LB. He was a god. The house where Jopang, Toto and I shared with five to eight other people (mga ibang barkada) and that served as jamming space (never present landlord, you gotta love those!) was 
kitty corner to his place and he jammed with us everyday. (That old house was exactly where the concept of forming 
an org was born, in the midst of a week-long running inuman/tambay/jamming. Life was more laid-back then.) 
I'm sorry to see that he is no longer with us. I'd appreciate it if anyone could send me info or contacts about what happened. The whole thing about this my revival is hard to explain. Maybe I just miss my old friends, but while I'm 
at it I might as well do something useful and help around in the old neighborhood. Maybe it's an emotional thing."

Further on I would learn from another UPJC alum that Arnel has died in his sleep. 
Gentle, funny, quiet Arnel.  I aged years as I read on about what happened to him.
Man, you'll be missed. 


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Date:  Thu Apr 26, 2001  2:10 am
Subject:  just like the last time

Wistful reminiscing of the crazier days in our youth. Here's an excerpt:

Does anyone remember the big Plush jam sa harap ng Humanities? A band started up the way big Stone Temple Pilots smash hit and as was my predilection when (medyo) soused, I grabbed the mike from whoever was doing vox, joined 
in and started passing the mike to Aeus, and then everybody. It was so big a ruckus that the pigs, este, UPF decided to shut the gig down. Ang saya, bro! Ang laking gulo. There were a few arrests (to fill their monthly arrest quota) but 
mostly everybody scampered off to safety. And met up at this greasy spoon all nighter burger joint sa may Grove.
That was some jam, pare.
Si Arnaldo Ortencio ba si Arnold Long Hair? Tall, dark, .... tall dark. Just kidding! Looks like a Native American. 
Bokalista nina Aeus (Daniel Ray Arcilla) and Macky (Bernardo Macaventa). They were going on this RCHP (the Peppers, man!)/heavy groove bass thing. That was experimental in those times. Kung hindi ka mala-GNR (defunct Guns N' Roses) 
or Metallica, wala ka. These boys could play.
Jong Mordeno, aka Jong Python, Jong Long Hair (everybody had long hair back then) was never with UPJC 
(mahabang storya, folks, maybe next time), but he'd have a spot whenever may gig. Jopang extended him this favor because of two reasons: una, dati kaming mga housemates and barkada and pangalawa, Jong brought in the big guns.
Oh yeah. Yung mga kups na :rich-boy rocker: outsiders
I jammed with these guys from Makati, with their ritzy digs and super-mahal na equipment. We were going for AIC 
(Alice in Chains), Man in The Box. We were all set for an AIC line-up, but scheduling conflicts arose, so pag-dating 
sa gig, supot na. Alvin and the other guy (forget his name, James Sim?) owned equipment that was bought all the way from the States. Gleaming, brand new axes - and they got Jong to bash drums (he being somewhat notorious for his 
own brand of "power drumming") for them. 

I was Jong's old pal at the time, and they needed a someone to yell, so I did. But boy were they assholes. Skilled, yes? Very nice equipment, yes. But they had so much attitude that it thickened the air every time a slot "had to" be given to them instead of a local, albeit low-powered UPJC band.  The inescapable politics of it all. There was a lot of squirming.
So, if you'd like to have the full history and chronicles of how it all started, maybe I've got a word or two. 
But I hope that the residents are above all the petty tripe and just rock on. Just jam. Jam a lot. Let it be just the music.

It was fun in those days, when we had less cares. Earlier in the email I asked about Rocky and Adinda, who had the 
only all-girl band in jc - and OJ, Keps (Joseph Cuevo), and Noel Kida who were Jopang's bandmates. It took me a while
to remember Adinda's name, but it just came back total recall after an email exchange with Bubbles. Pinboxx pointed me
in her direction. I promptly sent an introduction and after a brief period of time, correspondence was well under way.


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Date: Monday, May 28, 2001 12:46 PM
Initial contact with Aeus Arcilla via Mark Matatquin.

Got in touch with Aeus by scouring's listing of LSM alums, found an entry for one of Aeus's kid bros (lucky 
I remembered his nick - theirs all start with As), sent an email via the page link app. Turns out that Mark Matatquin (likewise a bus mate and LSM alum) who was their next door nabe was helping Aeus's kid bro with his listing, and that
it was his email that they were using. He forwards my post to Aeus and in short order him and I start catching up on 
things since 1995. Some things never change. Sometimes you gotta do the leg work to get to the right people. 
I ask Mark about the old neighborhood and he tells me that things are going good for the old gang. That's good.
Him and I write for a bit, but I find his "not having an account" puzzling. How do people get their email back home, 
and what exactly does not having an account mean? I never did hear from him after this. Maybe I should write back 
and get things started back up again.


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Date: Thursday, May 31, 2001 5:05 PM
Subject: magsawa ka sa kwento

Aeus gives me the lowdown on :almost: everything that's happened since '95, when I was last @ LB and pretty much 
the last time that I was back home in the Philippines. His narrative is funny and personal at the same time, like the guy
I know Aeus to be. Reading his email made me feel relieved that things aren't so bad back home, which is all that one
ever gets if the newsfeeds and soc.culture.filipino are to be believed... Who'd waste their time on newsgroups anyway?!
Aeus, keep on truckin' bro. Kaya mo yan!
Big ups to the  guys back in the old nabe.
When I actually have some time, I look forward to doing some more catching up. Just like the good old times.


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Date: Tuesday, May 29, 2001 2:06 PM
Subject: Re: up jammers contact (founders)

Bubbles sends word my way, thanks to Pinboxx who referred me to her. She commutes between Manila and LB 
quite a lot and is still in touch with a lot of the :oldtimers: from my time @ UPLB. I've never met her in person, but
she seems nice and cheerful. Someone I'd get along with. I think that my introduction to her via email may have been
just a little bit too stiff, but she has my thanks. Currently she's helping me get in touch with more members of jc.



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